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Player Profiles

  Player Details
Name: Craig Taylor
Position: Defender
DoB (dd-mm-yyyy): 08-05-1982
Bear or Rhino: Rhino
  Player Stats
Appearances: 187
Goals: 20
Assists: 9
Previous clubs: Beacon Park, Arnold FC, Arnold Boys, Burnstump Boys

Favourite Team: Nottingham Forest
Football Idol: Stuart Pearce
Hobbies: Football, walking, drinking, architecture, travelling, fifa 2007, BF2
Favourite Food: Curry
Favourite Drink: Paulaner
Favourite Film: James Bond - all of them!
Musical Preference: Trance
Dream Car: bugatti veyron
Actually drives: Alfa 156
Desert island with: Nikkala Stott
Worst drunken moment: Campus 14, 2003 - dont ask!
  The word on Samba...
Worst Dressed: Steven Hawkins
Worst Hair: Mark Bassett
Biggest joker: Richard Speirs
Worst discipline: Jordan Hill
Worst first touch: Daniel Sharp
Biggest drinker: Richard Wilford
Lightweight: Evan Walters
Laziest player: Gareth Taylor
Memorable goal: Ive only scored one! diving header in last minute against Goose!
Memorable Moment: Scoring
Next tour to: U.S.A
Samba in one word: Alcoholism