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Player Profiles

  Player Details
Name: Scott Gibbons
Nickname(s): Gibbo
Position: Midfield
DoB (dd-mm-yyyy): 01-05-1981
Height: 5'8
Bear or Rhino: Bear
  Player Stats
Appearances: 293
Goals: 92
Assists: 137
Honours: Clubman 04. Top Assists 05,06,08,11,12. Res. Golden Boot 09.
Previous clubs: Mansfield Town, Nuneaton Borough,Dunkirk FC, England U16's B, South Notts, Parkhead Academicals

Favourite Team: Notingham Forest
Football Idol: Stuart Pearce, Lionel Messi
Hobbies: Gambling, Poker, Squash, Golf
Favourite Food: Pizza!
Favourite Drink: Rioja, Doom Bar
Favourite Film: Dead Man's Shoes, Robin Hood the cartoon, Braveheart, Goodfellas, Gladiator
Musical Preference: Indy, Rock, Any dance where i can throw some Britney style shapes
Dream Car: Dick Dastardly's in Whacky Races
Actually drives: Yaris (not mine)
Desert island with: As I got into trouble for saying Isla Fisher i'll say Louise Redknapp!
Worst drunken moment: It involved copious amounts of beer, a fight with a taxi driver, a bush, nearly being run over, a car chase, the police, a ���£50 fine and an irate future Mother-in-law!
  The word on Samba...
Worst Dressed: Justin Gamba
Worst Hair: Darren Doughty
Biggest joker: Jimmy Brewer
Worst discipline: John Wise
Worst first touch: Matt Evans
Biggest drinker: Scott Gibbons
Lightweight: Craig Taylor
Laziest player: Scott Gibbons
Memorable goal: Free-kick smashed into the top corner against Friar Tuck
Memorable Moment: Snapping my cruciate ligament
Next tour to: Slovenia
Samba in one word: Awesome